Video: How to Lose a GoPro Camera in a Rattlesnake Pit


You would think that of all animals, snakes would be the least concerned for privacy. These are the same critters who congregate by the hundreds during mating season and clump together in balls. Cameras are quite unwelcome to these gatherings.

A intrepid photographer dangled this GoPro camera over a rattlesnake pit and found out that the reptiles had no intention of being filmed. A quick strike from one of the snakes sent the camera tumbling into the pit with a crash.

Many people—and some tomb-robbing archaeologists—may have called it a day, but not this man. Using a hockey stick, he was able to deftly retrieve the camera from the hissing nest of snakes.

Think that’s a lot of snakes? You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Narcisse Snake Dens in Manitoba, Canada.

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