YouTuber Royal Nonesuch keeps getting more ambitious with his gun projects. A few weeks ago we showed you his homemade repeating shotgun and this past weekend he showcased his new homemade .50 BMG rifle.

Royal Nonesuch built the rifle using only bar stock and materials available at your local hardware store.

Watch the video below to see how his first test goes.

Image from Royal Nonesuch on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Royal Nonesuch Test-fires Homemade .50 BMG Rifle

  1. You want suggestions: mine is to stop before you kill or maim yoursellf or someone else. Your vaunted 100,000 subscribers are probably awaiting your death in a cloud of smoke and shrapnel.

    1. My thoughts exactly! The Ma Deuce cartridge is way too high pressure for any of those materials, son! First thing I thought of when I saw that silly little U-shaped chamber lockup mechanism was, I hope his parents have him insured for a few million dollars, so at least they’ll have a comfortable life ahead after they find him with his head blown off! Just a matter of time, if he keeps this up, and fails to educate himself on heat treatment, high tensile steels, and what it take to adequately maintain proper head space, and a proper breech lock for that cartridge.

  2. Isn’t there a law against encouraging assisted suicide ? Stop carrying this nut’s videos , it re-enforces all the weird crap the anti-gun crowd already says !

  3. Shite article, you need to do some research. “RoyalNonesuch” BOUGHT that barrel on ebay for $200, it is a factory 50 BMG barrel. He did not make it out of bar stock. What kind of idiot writes an article without doing the most basic research? I guess you have some kind of anti-gun agenda to try and get 50 BMG banned from private ownership?

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