Video: Swedish Hunter Swims Semi-frozen Lake to Save Dog


This month does not seem to have been a good one for Swedish hunting dogs. From last week’s wolf attack to this half-frozen dog, moose season appears to have kicked off with its fair share of accidents.

Dogs play a big part in Scandinavian moose hunting. Since they usually track moose alone and far away from their owners, hunting dogs are generally equipped with a protective vest, GPS tracker, and sometimes even a bite guard to protect them from wolves. In this video, a concerned hunter is tracking his canine companion when he discovered, to his alarm, that his dog was in the middle of a freezing lake. Jonas Lundh wrote in the video description that his dog was following a cow moose when it decided to swim out to an island. The moose was able to break through the ice and reach land, but the dog was stopped cold.

Weighing his options, the hunter decided to brave the freezing water in a bid to rescue his dog. Hopefully they were able to find a boat back to the mainland. That did not look like a swim you want to make twice.

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