3D printing is always a topic when discussing future technologies. The versatility of 3D printers allows everything from guns to airplanes to be printed with ease. Now you can add brass shotgun slugs to the growing list of 3D printed objects.

Youtuber TAOFLEDERMAUS decided to test out some 70 cal. 3D-printed bronze-filled shotgun slugs. They are not made out of pure metallic bronze as you might expect. Instead these rounds are printed using a bronze infused plastic filament. The addition of bronze makes the slugs significantly heavier than traditional 3D printed plastics. You can see in the video below that some of the rounds were actually pretty effective. However, don’t expect to find 3D printed ammo at your local store anytime soon. For now traditional ammunition has a number of advantages over its 3D printed counterparts.

Image from TAOFLEDERMAUS on YouTube

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