Video: “No-handed” Shooter Shows Off Custom Gun Mods


It takes a quick trigger finger and years of practice to beat renowned shooter Jerry Miculek at a competition range, but to do it when you have no hands at all is an even greater feat. That honor goes solely to Hunter “Nubbs” Cayll, a competitive shooter with, as his nickname would suggest, no hands.

We first discovered Cayll in 2014, when he uploaded several videos of himself running through some shooting exercises with modified guns. Recently, Cayll met up with Jerry Miculek to show off some of the work done to the firearms so he could operate them. The modifications are surprisingly simple, and serve more as a testament to the shooter’s nimbleness and talent for innovation.

Nubbs may have less fingers than his competitors, but he has more than enough moves to hold his own. Take a look and prepare to be astounded.

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