Video: First Look at the AK That Shoots .50 BMG


It may have all the aesthetics of an AK-style rifle, but this beast is in a whole league of its own. Designed by up-and-coming YouTuber and independent gun maker Brandon Herrera, this rifle is chambered in the absolutely massive .50 BMG—and it shows. According to Herrera, the AK-50 is constructed mainly out of 4140 steel, aluminum components, and milled using CNC technology. Fear not, it will accept a host of standard AK furniture and even takes Barrett M82 magazines. Herrera said there will be no cast parts used for the rifle.

“The result is a durable anti-material rifle on the simple and world famous AK platform,” he said on the AK-50’s reveal video.

In this video, TheGunCollective provides a first look at the rifle, albeit a non-firing prototype. So it’s a little less exciting, but it’s still neat to get a glimpse at how the finished product will look. The rifle is estimated to cost just under $7,000 and is slated to enter production in 2016.


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