This entirely homemade “bullpup sniper airbow” is constructed out of nothing fancier than some brass fittings, a steel tube, and other plumbing essentials you can find at any hardware store. Of course, it was also designed by Joerg Sprave, which means that it can be deadly even despite its simple construction.

Coming fresh off his design for a air-powered gatling gun, Sprave decided it was time for something a little bit more high-powered. That’s where this airbow comes in. It certainly is impressive for a homemade design, but we’re not really sure how practical it is when each shot requires twenty strokes from an air pump.

Those coyotes will be far away before you even manage to load your next shot, so you better make the first one count.

Also, if you’re wondering where Sprave’s characteristic beard went, it was weaponized in a previous video.

Image screenshot of video by JoergSprave on YouTube

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