This friendly excavator operator showed up to work at just the right time for this young deer. The combination of soft earth and water had made this mud pile practically a deathtrap, and employees found this deer trying to paddle its way back to more stable land. Rescuing the deer was also problematic since the wrong move could bury the animal even deeper in the mud. It’s not as if the workers could simply throw a rope to the creature.

So instead they used this excavator to dig the deer out. After removing some of the nearby mud, the operator deftly picks the animal with the claw and brings it back to dry land. It reminds us a bit of this video where a forwarder was used to rescue a bear from a large milk jug. It’s surprising sometimes how flexible these large machines are under someone with the right skills.


Image screenshot of video by Aaron Garney on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Excavator Rescues Deer Drowning in Mud

  1. It is good to see compassionate people save the yearling doe from certain death . They could have been ardent ” naturalists ” who wouldn’t raise a hand to ” interfere ” in the natural outcome ,exhaustion and drowning .!

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