At last week’s Big 3 East event in Daytona Beach, Florida, Definitive Arms showed off a preliminary version of their highly-anticipated .308 Vepr AK rifle with an AR-pattern magazine well.

To create a “PMAGinov,” as they are referred to by Definitive, the company installs a modified version of their signature magwell on a standard Russian-made .308 Vepr. The magwell features an AR-style last-round bolt hold-open, magazine release, and bolt release. It effectively combines the quick and intuitive fire controls of the AR platform with the reliability of the Kalashnikov.

The PMAGinov feeds from SR-25-pattern .308/7.62x51mm NATO magazines, including, as its name would indicate, Magpul LR/SR Gen M3 PMAGs.

Definitive Arms’ modified Veprs will also feature the company’s proprietary finish, an AR-style folding and collapsible stock, and a Fighter Brake. A price had not been finalized by Big 3 East, but the rifles will be available for purchase through Copper Custom within the next several months.

DA AK rail
Definitive Arms’ new AK rail is 70 to 80 percent lighter than most other rails and is properly heat treated.

The company also introduced a new receiver-mounted scope rail for AK-pattern rifles. Geared partially toward AK builders, the rail is made from 4140 steel and properly heat treated to original Soviet specifications, a feature that many other modern side rails lack. The rail is compatible with nearly all optics and mounts currently on the market that are capable of attaching to side rails.

Definitive’s new rail is 70 to 80 percent lighter than most surplus rails, shaving approximately 1.4 ounces off the final weight of an AK. The rail will be included on all newly-built DAKM rifles. The rail should be available on Definitive’s website within the next few months and will be priced competitively.

Definitive Arms also unveiled their new AR stock adapters for underfolder AKs, dubbed the UFM4. Installing the anodized aluminum adapter does not require permanent modification to the receiver, but the user can opt to drill and pin the adapter to the receiver if they choose.

A Yugo-pattern underfolder AK with the UFM4 adapter.

The adapter will be offered in two primary models to start: a version designed to work with Soviet/Russian, Hungarian, Polish, and most other Eastern European AKMS-pattern underfolders and a version designed to work with “Yugo” underfolders. In limited testing at Big 3, it was readily apparent that the adapter places the stock in a comfortable and stable position for an easily repeatable sight picture. Definitive Arms is aiming for a sub-$100 price point for the adapter, likely around $80. It will be available on their site within the next few months.

Definitive also announced that they will be opening up orders for magwell conversions for .223 Saigas and Veprs, .308 Veprs, 6.5 Grendel Veprs, and 300 BLK Saigas within the next several weeks.

RS Regulate and Definitive Arms also recently released a side rail for vz. 58 firearms. Read more about that here.

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