Looks like our old April Fools’ joke is now a reality.

Lone Wolf Distributors, one of the biggest names in aftermarket Glock parts, released a 9X18 Makarov conversion barrel for the Glock 42. The barrel is a drop in replacement for the stock barrel and it will allow buyers to shoot a large variety of surplus ComBloc ammo. The 9X18 Makarov packs a bigger punch than most .380 ACP rounds so this could also be better suited for a concealed carry gun. Additionally, you will be able to spend less on your range trips due to the lower cost of surplus 9X18 Makarov.

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Here are the specs from the manufacturer:

  • Fits all Glock generations
  • Designed for lead, plated, or jacketed ammunition
  • Certified, stress relieved 416 stainless steel
  • Button rifled, three stage honed bore
  • Industry recognized SBN premium coating (SBN is Salt Bath Nitride, similar to Tennifer)
  • Heat treated to RC 40-42, then SBN coating increases surface hardness to RC 60
  • Exacting tolerances allow for drop in installation
  • Fluting creates path for heat and debris to escape

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  • Some Rabbit

    I’m still holding out hope for an 8mm Nambu barrel.

    • J. G. Hogue

      LOL !

  • Nicholas Snow

    30 tokarev, pleeeeeaaaassseeee

    • John Micheal Stacey

      Would that work with 23/22 gun??

      • Nicholas Snow


  • REM1875

    Nice hmmm maybe finally a glock worth having with Nick’s 7.62 tokarev as a second barrel.

  • Deveron


  • Kelly Harbeson

    For those guys that keep asking for a 7.62×25 barrel the only Glocks that can accommodate a cartridge that long are the 10mm guns. Only the G42 has a magazine that will feed 9×18 Makarov

  • AR_Libertarian

    Hmmm…almost enough to make me consider that butt ugly pistol.