Video: Have You Ever Seen This Many Bear Cubs Together?


It’s been an intense day here at OutdoorHub, with children eating deer hearts and freak spear fishing accidents, so in the spirit of lightening the mood, here are a couple of videos featuring little bear cubs playing and eating apples.

These bears reside at Northern Lights Wildlife Society in Smithers, British Columbia. Northern Lights is a shelter for injured and/or orphaned wildlife, and all mammals and birds are accepted, although they specialize in bear, moose and deer rehabilitation.

Careful management strives to prevent the animals from becoming too dependent on human contact, because that would put the safety of the animals and humans at risk.

In the video below, you can watch 19 of the 25 bear cubs they are housing, munching on some apples and enjoying their time at Northern Lights.

Currently, Northern Lights is fundraising for a bigger black bear enclosure to keep all these black bear cubs, however, the cubs don’t seem to mind playing on this platform structure in the grizzly enclosure. (There were no grizzlies in the enclosure at the time of this video.)


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