YouTube just announced their new guidelines for what content creators can monetize, and may have just shot some gun channels right in the foot.

Content that is considered “not advertiser-friendly” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity and sexual humor
  • Violence, including display of serious injury and events related to violent extremism
  • Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language
  • Promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including selling, use and abuse of such items
  • Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown

If any of the above describes any portion of your video, then the video may not be approved for monetization. If monetization is approved, your video may not be eligible for all available ad formats. YouTube reserves the right to not monetize a video, as well as suspend monetization features on channels that repeatedly submit videos violating our policies.”

You’re probably going down your mental checklist and thinking to yourself, “that’s almost everything that I watch, now what??”

Right now, it’s unknown exactly how strict they’re going to enforce these new parameters, because the above list describes virtually everything you’re likely to see on TV while channel surfing on any given day or night. So far YouTube has only blocked monetization on a few channels based on their ad policies, but we expect that list to keep growing.

If YouTube is looking for low-hanging fruit, they could possibly target guys who tend to drop the occasional “F-bomb” like FPSRussia, or Tim Wells, who just posted a video about hunting a black bear with a spear.

Ultimately, most large channels are not able to produce their videos without ad revenue. Those ad dollars are what directly funds their video creation process. It will be interesting to see the impact this will have on firearms and hunting related YouTube channels going forward, and we will be keeping a very close eye on the scene over on YouTube.

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22 thoughts on “Will YouTube Start Blocking Hunting and Firearms Channels?

      1. They have bastardized the true meaning of liberal. The actual meaning:

        Not limited by authoritarian attitudes…free from bigotry…tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

        The liberal party leaders believe they get to decide what authoritarian behavior is and are only broad-minded if you agree with them.

    1. The flag was a symbol of slavery, of a group of folks that now days would fall under heading of terrorists and caused the death of more of our citizens then all the wars we entered, it was by definition a insurrection and time to understand the equal of ISIS. It was not a honorable thing for state rights blah blah.. Note was never a declared war, nor revolution, it was firing on this nation, a rich mans war fought by the poor..that is the facts and those who worship are at the alter of a false god..

      1. The flag was not a symbol of slavery. Cotton was grown and harvested at a price that producers could afford by slavery. The best prices for cotton were offered by the buyers in Britain and the north east states were faced with economic ruin because the fabric mills could not afford to pay their workers at those prices. The northern states tried to force the southern plantation states through military might to submit and were met with armed resistance. The confederate flag was a symbol of unity against northern aggression. The northern states were acting outside of the states agreement to abide by the US Constitution and Amendments. This led to action that was not a revolution but was taking a stand against unlawful acts. The fact that the southern states employed slave labor as Constitutional practice at that time it was entirely justified in standing against the military actions of the northern states.
        This is almost comparable to the divisions we see in 21st century America today.
        The Socialist urban New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco vs. the “fly-over”
        majority freedom loving peoples of America. When we have a nation of “takers” supported by producers we are destined to fight for survival. That is why were have respect for symbols of freedom (flags).

      2. Were you to study the inserrection (never a declared war by USA) you would not every southern state had slavery as part of it;s Constitution. 750,000 died and who knows how many wounded by the same as today’s terrorists who fired on USA, poor folks fighting rich mans war. To make such a horror glorified or justified, simply magnifies the “magnificent and glorious loser mentality” that still exists today, along with a lot of raw racists actions. How anyone can glorify that great loss of life and property as “states rights blah blah” is lacking in both reality and education as to the well documented facts. Pleaselist how the USA was acting against the law, facts please. The flag represents the treatment of humans as if they were some kind of animals, as history provides….

        Note on the guns being removed from some sites, perhaps a less us vse them attitude might be the best way to handle such, maybe ask Utube it they would be interested in setting up a impartial review of guns and their use on the site as to sanity, safety and such. Many getting into this attitude of “no compromise” and that is not what this nation is about, never has been.

      3. At that time slavery was not illegal under US Constitution and there were many slaves and slave owners in the northern states. In fact slavery was not illegal until Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation under his War Powers Act of Jan 1, 1863 which declared slaves free but only in the southern states that withdrew from the Union. This was not actually a Constitutional law until the 13th Amendment was approved Dec.6, 1865. After Lee’s surrender life for the newly independent slaves was actually much worse as there was little work and starvation with few plantation owners to provide for them. The prewar mistreatment of slaves is grossly exaggerated as common sense would tell you to take care of workers who provide essential labor. Developing during the “reconstruction” was the southern Democrat parties system of dependency on government handouts as still exists today.

      4. yep, the slaves just loved thier job, and they were treated so humanely..guess I cannot argue nor continue discussion who finds selling and owning humans is “well so southern en thum yanks abused us, blah blah”. Noted you missed part of 750,000 died for you disgusting beliefs. Yep the slaves did not have so good after they were freed, more so due to ignorant and disgusting night riders, political hate-racism, blocked form vorte open segregation and various other delights the south imposed and to some degree unofficially impose on black… you are a piece of work, end of discussion with you as do not want to dirty my screen. But one final question, does kkk, you folks get our every year for white sales to stock up on bed”wear”? 750,000 dead so you folks could own humans, you should be ashamed. End of discussion.

      5. None of my comments have advocated slavery. I merely educated you on the history of it in America and the real reasons for the most terrible war our nation has ever seen. It’s fact that the southern cotton plantations would not have even existed if African slavers, Muslim slavers and British merchant/slave ships had not provided economic means of cotton production.
        No one in free civilized free society desires to own slaves or be one. However in America Democrat politicians have developed government dependent slavery chiefly among the Negro populations so as to gain and retain political power and wealth.

  1. This is why some of the bigger gun channels have their stuff on Full30. Facebook did it and backed down when they all went to MeWe. Ebay got rid of gun sales and gunbroker was formed, and is now the third largest auction site after ebay and ebay motors. Ebay shot themselves in the head!

    1. Bobd06,

      Thanks for the heads up on Full30 and MeWe. I had never heard of either and Full30 has some of the shows I used to watch on YouTube.

  2. When you look at some of the fools and idiots with their guns on utube, might be doing all sane gun folks a favor by not showing them… as sane gun owners/use suffer way to much by the images posted by to many fools, with little regard for respecting guns, safety or sanity…

  3. Sportsmen and shooters should just get their own domain and do their own channel. The loss will be You Tube’s because of the advertising revenue they’ll lose. You Tube, Facebook and all the rest of them suck as far as I’m concerned and I don’t have a page or membership to any of them.

  4. These websites are run by groups of individuals intent on safe speech content where only like thinking speech is allowed. They are the utopians on beliefs that all will be well if under Big Brother Borg like mind control. Free speech is to be rebellious and weapons are unnecessary for maintaining order in society. We read an excellent example of “student” lead demonstrations of protest of adults ability to arm themselves on university campus by the disgusting display of dildos and posters “Cocks not Glocks”.

  5. Well YouTube will lose quite a few member accounts , sounds like this comes from Google Headquarters , I already dumped their search engine, if they restrict my viewing FREEDOM , I will go elsewhere. how long are cat videos going to pay the bills.

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