Residents of a Russian city were startled when they saw a local river was flowing bright red. With all these stories of clowns in the woods and rivers running blood red, it looks like Halloween is coming early this year.

The city of Norilsk, which is located inside the Arctic Circle, is known as one of the most polluted cities on Earth. Russian environmentalists are investigating the incident and have yet to come up with an explanation for this biblical type of occurrence.

Right off the bat, locals were pinning the cause on a leak from one of the many local metal companies.

According to ABC News, a local indigenous group is preparing to file a local complaint to regional authorities, asking them to investigate the issue closer because they are confident it is coming from one of the metal plants in the area.

Image from KTBB Radio Facebook

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One thought on “River in Russia Flows Blood Red

  1. Metal plant? Iron in water perhaps?
    “We talk with glorious foreman of proud metal factory of motherland on river redness, is sign Russia becoming more powerful, is not leak killing fishes. We must go now, have to buy new car and diamonds with stacks of money we found in ditch.”

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