There have been a number of Bigfoot “sightings” in Michigan lately, and we might have just caught another glimpse of one.

We pulled some footage from our Live Eagle cameras recently and discovered an unknown figure walking through the woods below the nest.

The eagle camera is located high up in the trees in the Platte River State Fish Hatchery, near Beulah, in northern Michigan.

We’ve been extremely fortunate to catch some really awesome footage of eagles in their nest with this camera, and when we saw this Bigfoot type character walking through the woods, we didn’t quite know what to make of it. However, the footage most likely shows a confused human wandering through the woods and not a cryptid.

Watch the video to see for yourself, and then, check out what the eagles have been up to lately on our Live Eagle Cam.

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74 thoughts on “Video: Michigan “Bigfoot” Caught on Live Eagle Cam

    1. Are… Are you dense?

      Yes, it could be zoomed in on, which is exactly what they did. A camera is a camera, and it was filmed at a particular focal length. Even digital cameras capture light the same way. This was a low resolution weatherproof camera, designed to look at something three feet in front of it. Not 500 feet in the background.

      1. Although it could very well be faked, this was a camera that was (and possibly still is) set up permanently in a TREE. There was nobody there to “zoom” into the figure walking past.

        Now I agree, it is NOT “Bigfoot” but the blurry image is not why I’ve concluded that. Common sense dictated that. It could possibly be staged. It could possibly be someone who knows that the camera is there and where the open area is and is messing with us or it could be just what the poster said, it’s likely a human walking past without a clue that he’s being filmed by a small outdoor camera.

      2. I could care less if it was staged or not. I’m talking about optics. I work directly with optics for a living, high resolution projectors is what I get paid to fix.

        If the light sensor on the chip in the optics is not a particular resolution, regardless of whether it’s digital or not – you cannot zoom in to infinity. Even if it’s a 30 Megapixel camera, that just means there are 30,000 pixels per inch, if an object only covers 500 of those pixels, it’s gonna be blurry and blocky A.F.

      3. I have decent digital cameras on my property and can zoom a clear on any part with respectable clarity. For more precise close ups, I have a license plates reader. My opinion is that this video was messed with and faked. The focus of the article is primarily of the background not the eagles. The distant image should not have been as distorted as shown even with an inferior digital camera.

      4. What do you mean that to focus is not on the Eagles? It absolutely is.

        Your cameras also;
        1) most likely have a higher resolution than this one,
        2) are being focused remotely by you. This camera is not being refocused into the background, but is being digitally edited after the fact to zoom on a set resolution. It absolutely would be as distorted as it was, as your not adjusting the image of the camera, your adjusting the recording of the video.

        You want proof? Go and take a video, any video. Then on your computer zoom into a corner of the recording. If it doesn’t distort exactly the same way this did, then hot damn, sell your computer because something magical is going on in there.

      5. The focus or point of the article is primarily about the faked bigfoot, not the eagles. That’s why the people who posted showed the distorted secondary image. Did you comprehend this point, Devon, or would you like to distort it in some other way. lol…You don’t have any idea the resolution of this camera but your professed technical knowledge isn’t shining through here.

      6. So let me get this straight, your argument is that because the focus of the article is on the object in the background, you think that also means thatsaid object should also be focused and because it isn’t, it’s fake?

        Someone noticed it in the footage so they took the recording, and digitally zoomed in on the video. Your argument is quickly falling apart as it becomes clearer that you’re either a troll or an idiot.

      7. Hang it up, Blair, you sound even more stupid in this post. This is, in more simpler terms (your terms) an “accidental” filming. It couldn’t be zoomed in on because, monkey boy, the being on the ground was NOT the focus–the baby eagles, if you can imagine such a possibility on an “Eagle Cam” was the camera’s focus. The question here isn’t “Duhhh, was it Photoshop or digital, derpy derp” but “is it a man or something else.”

    2. That is the problem with digital cameras, an image CAN’T be zoomed in, as you would like to think. You want to think that no matter what the distance is, the pixel density is the same for every object that gets into view.

    3. A camera’s ability to zoom in has NOTHING to do with being digital. It’s dependent on the lens type attached, and whether it’s a monitored or remote camera. Given this is a set-up in a video blind, it’s almost certainly not directly controlled and as such couldn’t be zoomed in. All they could do is what they did, which is artificially blow-up the image. In fact, it’s likely a fixed lens that couldn’t be zoomed even if someone were actively working the camera (like a cell phone video).

      Zoom-capable lenses aren’t cheap. You don’t set them up in a bird’s nest and walk away.

      It’s a very real video of a person walking through the woods and trying to figure out how to jump over a log and down a hill in thick clothing. They pretty much said so

      — 40-year photographer/cameraman

  1. I like some of these goofy comments. They clearly say it could easily be a confused hunter or some human. It’s like people don’t know how to read any more.

  2. Like some hairy ape is going to survive all year round in Michigan’s weather? Does it hibernate like a bear in the winter or does it build a fire to stay warm? I’ve seen -40 below in Michigan and unless a human has a heated back room they let the species hang out in for free, this is impossible. Bigfoot believers will stop at nothing to gain more believers. Get a life.

    1. While I don’t believe this is Bigfoot either, I have to ask… what do you think deer do? Or any of the non-hibernating animals in Michigan? By this logic, all animals without a heated room or hibernation die in the winter?

      1. If nothng else kills them, and they live out their natural lives,,,wolves can live 9-10 years..IF,,nothng else kills them.

      2. According to your own retarded logic, the lives of these poor Michigan wolves are VERY SHORT–since, you know, nothing can survive your -40 winters or “build a fire.”

    2. You should listen to your reasoning. This video is obviously fake, but still worse is your reasoning. How does a deer or elk or grouse or bird or any wild animal survive -40 degrees at times and the harsh winter environment of the U.P.? Yet obviously they do, so it stands to reason that a hairy biped could too. Summary: This video- faked…Bigfoot- real…..You- closed minded moron

      1. Michigan is nice in May, then when it gets freezing cold in December the Bigfoot family treks down to Miami Beach.

    3. i mean im aware of how cold that is but im just saying a giant creature that can almost handle anything i could be wrong but thats just my opinion

    4. Are you retarded? You’re seriously going to debate on climates that you feel are “too cold” for bigfoot? You skeptics will stop at nothing to look halfway intelligent but all you do is sound stupid. Look at all the average climates around the world where bipedal ape-men are seen; it isn’t somewhere cozy & warm, ignoramus. Hair-covered beings are going to play with fire, lol okay.

    5. In northern Wisconsin the weather is the same, and some farmers leave their cows out all year with only a pole shed or bales of hay for cover. So yes, it’s entirely possible for animals to survive winter. What do you think the deer do, hang out in somone’s back porch too?

  3. Good media marketing Hub!….always thinking of ways to get people onto your site..Can we start going to more reasonable stories about the outdoors.

      1. Your so right on that racist call…Michael would never do that…Ohhh I mean transgender Michelle would never do that..

      2. Obviously one of the “poorly educated”.

        “You” + “Are” = “YOU’RE. As in you’re apparently an ignorant bigot.

      3. I,m not racist, I made NO reference to race, color, gender or anything else. You must be one of those phukin libtards that have to throw out labels to try to de- legitimize anyone who disagrees with you.

      4. There NO RACES ! We are all brothers and sisters together on this earth from our very own grandparents Adam and Eve. There is only the human race therefore.. The only one who wants to trick us into believing otherwise is Satan the devil, a manslayer and liar, in opposition to Our Creator Yahweh. Follow whom you wish however. Tis your choice.

      5. Oh shut up you blithering idiot. Talking about imaginary deities labels you as an idiot and fact adverse.

        “Adam & Eve” is nothing more than a childish myth. Satan is another myth and the only “creator” you and I have is the combination of the egg of our mother and the sperm of our father.

        I’ve been dead for over 20 minutes after finding myself the victim of a violent crime and being stabbed through the left ventricle of my heart. Spent more than a year recovering. I know for a fact what happens when we die. What do you know know about it, other than what you’ve been told or read?

    1. People like you are whats wrong with this world! Take your childish ignorant behavior somewhere where it’s not seen.

    1. Ummm yeah.. ok. Like what were the babies supposed to do?? Jump up and down and yell Holy Shit Bigfoot!! lol. Those Eagles are like way up in a tree. I don’t think they really care about whats below them.

    2. I’m a birder so for what it’s worth: You can see the birds breathing. At the stage where fledglings are newly hatched and don’t yet have feathers they reserve their limited strength for when a parent brings in a meal. Nature doesn’t allow a fledgling’s legs to immediately become so strong that they run about the nest and fall out before their feathers have grown in. Their strength to move about comes in stages. The first is just to lift up their heads so they can be fed, and if you’ve seen videos of newly hatched birds you can see that even lifting the head causes them to shake a bit. Only when a parent is around do you see fledglings begin to go into action (beg for their next meal). In nature, being still can mean the difference between being spotted by predators or staying alive. When there’s no one “home”, lying low is a survival strategy. This behavior also conserves energy, which is used instead for the rapid growth that is necessary in the first few weeks of life.

  4. When was this taken? If you go to the Official Beulah Michigan Eagle Cam Websites, the next and nestlings are real, but the nest in currently empty, they are long gone. The backgrounds do not match. I appears as someone photoshopped a still image of an early nest with young, over a doctored background, they do not match. The forest is lush and green, you can not see the ground below the nest.

    1. The video is supposedly from May. (Birds nest in the Spring/Summer.) If I’m not mistaken, the timing of the video would eliminate it as hunting season, too. The seasons will change the look of the woods quite a bit. Eagles also sometimes nest in dead trees, which might explain the line-of-sight apparent in the footage. Eagles also have to keep their eye on what is going on above/below the nest site to protect their young and to come in for a landing so the nest cannot be entirely hemmed in by foliage (in contrast to nesting songbirds, which often prefer to be more hidden). It could be doctored footage but since this nest is apparently monitored by a university one would *hope* they wouldn’t engage in that kind of shenanigans.

  5. ??? Could be human ??? But if you watch the figure closely , this figure moves pretty well thru the maze of fallen trees going down hill , when it jumps on to what appears to be a fallen tree , it pauses and looks around before jumping off the tree going down hill and jumping over several other trees on the way , note : when it pauses at first it looks around for a moment , this is characteristic of animals that are nervous and cautious , and then there is the stride , this figure moves very quickly and purposefully , it looks at home in the woods . No human can move that quickly thru the forest down hill and that quickly without falling on their face , I am not making assumptions , but whatever it is it moves very comfortably . The little eagles are moving , and their is a breeze moving the twigs , the camera is focused close up to observe the eaglets’ not meant to focus on the figure in the woods ? Also , this camera records 24/7 , why is it this is the only footage of anything moving by at any other time , ( one video ) , and it also looks as if the time of year it was taken , there is very little foliage on the trees and on the ground , this seems like an older video from late fall or early spring , i’m not sure when eagles have their young ? I’ve hunted over 45 years , and I have never seen anything unusual out there , except for some unusual tree breaks that I can’t explain , but think about this ? Has anyone ever walked thru every swamp we have in just this state alone ? There are so many swamps and very large ones at that , why not ? Open your minds a bit and really think about this , there is always a possibility that something could exist that we can’t explain , I would have to look into the eyes of any unknown creature to believe it exists , people over many years have had sightings of Bigfoot , right in our area alone , I live outside Bendon swamp ( a very large and dense swamp , there have been many bear sightings that are common , there have also been cougar sightings , yes including my own , local vets have treated dogs that were tore up by cougars while homeowners watched in disbelief , it is true they are here , so why not a cryptid ? Anything is possible , it is possible these cryptids migrate thru our area , if they do exist then why not ? It’s easy to pass judgement on this video , it’s blurry and at a distance , but have an open mind , seeing is still believing , until I see it up close and personal my mind is open to the possibility …

  6. If you’ll check out the life cycle of eagles in Michigan, this video was shot in May. I don’t know why the specifics haven’t been posted. Hunters aren’t in the woods and it ain’t that hot. If someone who knew that eagle cam was there wanted to play the viewers for fools, it would be easy to put on an ape suit and do the deed as seen. So, this is either someone who’s had a great time punkin’ us or an actual Bigfoot. Either way, the legend continues!

  7. Looks more like a gorilla…way too small to be a bigfoot according to other articles, photos , etc. but in all honesty looks like a dude trying to be a bigfoot and not even sure it isn’t two videos combined into one

  8. I’ve watched this through just one time, and here’s my “first impression”: There is certainly enough of a “black blob” to bring to mind one familiar woodland creature: a bear. However, that breaks down when you see how much time “it” is spending on two feet as opposed to all fours. The “clomp, clomp” type of footfalls is somewhat interesting in its own right. It does make one think this could be someone attempting to manage the difficulty of wearing a suit (that or they’e intentionally stomping around for effect). Here’s where it gets a bit more puzzling though: There is a point where “it” climbs atop a fallen log and jumps down from that point to land upright on two feet. Assuming the footage hasn’t been doctored in some way, this is either a person in a gorilla suit — most likely someone with the knowledge that this camera is in that particular area — or a so-called big foot. IMHO, the descent from the log is *not* consistent with how a bear would jump and land. It’s also not a person wandering around in street (or hiking) clothing. Although I would be inclined to believe that someone with the knowledge of these cameras is pulling a prank, in a costume, it would be a challenge to don a head-to-toe gorilla suit and make that jump from the log and not end up losing one’s footing (the ground below the log looks to be lower than immediately above it, as if to suggest that the landing to the jump is on a slope). It’s not impossible that a person could make a jump in a suit but they’d have to be very comfortable handling the bulk/weight and presumably also dealing with limitation to one’s vision caused by a full-body suit. In other words, if it is person this is someone who had some practice.

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