Amazing Video: 13-Year-Old Has TWO Giant Muskies Strike at Boatside


Fishing out of Tamarack Island Wilderness Lodge on Lake of the Woods, 13-year-old Matt is tossing a Musky Frenzy Apache Triple 8 Black/Nickel bucktail with his favorite rod, a 7-foot 6-inch XH model from Tackle Industries. His father, Chris, is running a hat-cam, and even though Matt is in the back of the boat and the muskies might be seeing Chris’s topwater lure first, Matt is able to entice a follow and then a boatside strike from a monster fish.

But you’ll never believe what happens next! (Do NOT turn off the video after the first fish encounter or you’ll be sorry.)

You might remember that we first told you about Matt back in August when he hooked a 45-inch muskie on a perfectly executed figure-8. Maybe the secret to Matt’s success is his Superman shirt!

Congrats, Matt, on your recent muskie success. And kudos to Chris for taking the time to show Matt not only the skills needed to hook and land big muskies, but also teaching him how important it is to handle these fish properly and let them go in good shape. Muskies can be caught over and over again if they’re released unharmed, and come next spring these same fish will spawn and help ensure great muskie fishing in Lake of the Woods for many years to come.

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