With the upcoming presidential election, and the much anticipated televised debates kicking off tonight, let’s take a look at a former president who is best described in one word: Badass.

We already knew that Theodore Roosevelt was a cool guy who enjoyed hunting and collected some fine looking firearms. But this is by far the most impressing story we’ve heard about Ted Roosevelt. In October of 1912, President Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the chest on his way to a speech. Miraculously, Roosevelt was saved by his heavy overcoat, his eyeglass case, and his 50-page speech.

Somehow, the objects were able to slow the bullet and prevent it from puncturing his heart. Profusely resisting being taken to the hospital, Roosevelt delivered his speech with a bullet hole in his chest.

Now I know what you’re all thinking: If either of the two candidates have a 50-page speech planned for tonight, we’re going to need some aspirin on hand.

Image is screenshot from Weird History Facebook

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