Video: Hunter Scares Off Charging Bear


We just saw the aftermath of a bear attack, so here’s a video showing a hunter scaring off a charging bear.

Hunter Franz Albrecht was waiting for a bear to arrive when he got much more than he bargained for. He spots a full-grown sow come running toward the ridge on which he’s hunting, when suddenly two small cubs come trotting into the scene. This is about the worst situation for a hunter.

Franz keeps his eye on the bear when it turns on a dime and starts rushing right at him. Instinctively, Franz stands his ground and begins yelling as loud as he can to try and let the bear know he’s human. The bear eventually backs down after a tense face-off with Franz and then runs off with her cubs.

Watch this intense video below, and also be sure to check out Franz displaying his marksmanship taking out an entire group of wild boar.

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