April Vokey Shares Her Raw Emotions of First Bow Kill


April Vokey is the real deal. She has an unexplainable passion for fishing, and now as an adult, is being introduced into the world of hunting for the first time.

In a recent Facebook post, April described the very raw emotions she felt after her very first kill with a bow. Not only is she a very skilled angler, and a good shot, she’s also very intellectual when talking about her passion and respect for the outdoors. Check out her FB text below.

April Vokey was born and raised in British Columbia, and is an avid angler and steelhead/salmon guide. In 2013, she moved to Australia where she spends 6 months of every year fishing for saltwater species and enjoying an extended summer.

In 2007, she founded B.C.-based guiding operation, Fly Gal Ventures, where she presently guides and instructs anglers on some of B.C.’s best steelhead destinations. Fly Gal’s trips and events can be found at www.flygal.ca


In 2008, she survived a major head-on collision with a drunk driver, further inspiring her to follow her dreams in this one short life we have to live. She is a motivational speaker for schools/clubs, and speaks openly about her viewpoint on drunk driving and the importance of chasing dreams.

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