Last month, OutdoorHub published an article for the top early season bucks. It’s November 7th, the rut is just starting to really heat up, and we already have an early favorite for the best buck taken during the rut.

Austin Pontier shot this giant of a buck near Osceola, Iowa, on November 6 and early rumors put this deer on a massive scale. Judging by this photo alone, this buck could gross score more than 200 points, maybe even 220 or more. Sometimes, pictures can make bucks look a little bigger than they prove to be, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

There simply is no way to hide it; this buck is huge! The antler mass is incredible, and it’s throughout the entire rack. This certainly raises the bar on bucks taken during the rut.

Will this giant Iowa buck be an archery record of some sort? At this point, it’s too early to tell. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Congrats, Austin!

Image from Trophy Bucks of Iowa Facebook

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7 thoughts on “This Giant Iowa Buck is All About that Mass

  1. Very nice buck and glad this young guy had the chance to connect with it. Looks like it will score well. I just hope it is a nice wild deer and taken without any issues. Congrats.

    1. Ahhhh, the world we now live in. When I was that young man’s age, congratulations would be in order. Of course, there would be the usual questions such as, “What bow did you use?” and “Where were you hunting?” And when you saw the picture, it was actually a picture from a camera. Oh, I understand why people doubt first these days. Photoshop has created a world of deception. Sad. But, like NrthnMichiganBoy, I too hope this is the monster he appears to be.

    1. crossbow is only allowed with a disability, I have my doubts about this buck because there has been zero story on it. why? its a world class buck? that’s def a crossbow bolt laying next to it… why haven’t we heard more on this buck???

    2. This deer is now in the hands of the Iowa DNR. They came and took it because he did not have a crossbow permit when he shot it. Buck of a lifetime, and this kid will never see it again! Plus the string of charges and legal battles ahead. Crazy thing is just before the DNR took it, Field & Stream offered him $75k for an exclusive cover story. And Bass Pro offered him $300k for the buck. That all went down the drain. Hard lesson learned.

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