Deer Euthanized Just 9 Days After Sterilization Surgery


After surgically sterilizing 54 female deer, Ann Arbor, Michigan, officials have reported that one of them has died.

The deer was found with an ear tag that read number 32 and was apparently in pretty poor shape at the time. It was euthanized on Friday, February 3, just 9 days after undergoing ovary removal surgery. The procedure was part of experimental research done by the state.

Mlive reports Dr. DeNicola, who has a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology, said the deer was spotted last Sunday, 4 days after surgery, standing in the middle of the road, which he said seemed a little odd.

Then, the same deer was spotted again approaching someone’s car and being “almost too friendly,” which DeNicola knew was strange.

When the deer was last seen in great distress, DeNicola knew what had to be done. The deer’s condition was getting worse, and there was likely no recovery in its future.

“You never like to see one of your research animals die. It’s never a pleasant process. It’s unfortunate,” he said.

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