The internet is littered with pictures and videos of ludicrously customized guns, but this bolt-action Glock was actually made for a very specific reason, to combat any strict semiautomatic weapons ban that may be imposed.

When you look at it like that, it kind of changes your perspective on it a little, doesn’t it? This build has been getting its fair share of scrutiny on Facebook, with people comparing it to square tires on a car, but it actually serves a much bigger purpose.

It certainly rules out any chance of concealed carry, however. Take a look at this unique firearm in action:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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4 thoughts on “Video: Someone Built a Bolt-Action Glock, But for a Very Specific Reason

  1. The ban mentioned is probably in California…they seem to be leading the attack on the 2nd amendment…
    I do like the gun, it’s different and I think it will push the shooter to concentrate more to make that ‘one’ shot count.

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