There is nothing inherently wrong with cheap firearms. Affordable guns that fall between the $300 and $500 mark fulfill a vital purpose, and that is providing firearms to those who can’t afford the Wilson Combats of the world.

However, when you’re buying a gun that only cost you a little more than a single Benjamin, should you really pile on the attachments, mods, and start looking up engraving services? Especially when you can easily buy another firearm that won’t draw as many stares at the range?

That’s up to your personal preference. If you have the money to spare, why not? We’re also not saying that these are bad guns. In fact, dollar for dollar, many of these are well worth the price and are even included in our Awesome Concealed Carry Handguns Under $300 list.

To get you really in the mood, here’s an Ultimate Hi-Point parody from Dynamic Pie Concepts. As you may imagine, there are quite a few Hi-Point guns on this list.

1. Twin Cobra .380s

Image from eldeaquellas13 on YouTube.
Image from eldeaquellas13 on YouTube.

2. Hi-Point


3. Raven Mp 25

Image from Eff Yoo on YouTube.
Image from Eff Yoo on YouTube.


4. Pheonix HP 22


5. Another Hi-Point


6. Ruger LCP

Image from KevlarSix on the Wikimedia Commons.
Image from KevlarSix on the Wikimedia Commons.


7. Engraved Taurus Judge


8. Hi-Point “Zombie” Carbine


9. A handome pair of Bersa Thunders


10. Taurus Thunder Five

Photo by Marshall Lewis

11. Star


12. Raven Mp 25


13. Another Hi-Point carbine

Photo by mike DeGrazia

14. One more


15. Hi-Point pistol


16. Starting to think Hi-Points are more customizable than Glocks


Featured image is a screenshot of video by dynamic pie concepts on YouTube

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15 thoughts on “The 16 Most Ludicrously Customized Cheap Guns

  1. Yeah, most of these are cheap throw away pieces, the LCP, the Judge, or the Thunder 5 (which is not, nor ever was made by Taurus as it is labeled above) have no place on this list, they are all well above that “little more than a single Benjamin” class you have placed on this post.

    1. i hope your fucking kidding cause if not you need to never look at another firearm. might wanna go look up who makes the judge. here let me help TAURUS made the judge. its called the Taurus judge revolver. ALL high points are pieces of shit. i have a high point 9mm that ill bet you A MONTHS paychecks she jams. high point are perfect kayak anchor. Their carbine pieces of trash are a waste of metal and plastic.

  2. Yeah, Hi-Points are uuugly, I can’t blame someone for trying to make them look cool, even if it might be a lost cause. But, all the Hi-Points I’ve shot actually functioned and functioned well. That makes them inexpensive, not cheap. Oh well. To each their own.
    The Andy Warhol grips on the Phoenix are kinda creepy though.

    1. My wife has a 9 mm hi point which is our first pistol purchase and it doesn’t jam and we’ve shot 500 or so rounds thru it.

  3. Some of these show nice workmanship. Why not hone your skills on an inexpensive piece?
    As for the thought about the Hi-Points, they have very easy to work on slides. Easier than a Glock. 🙂
    As for Ludicrously Customized, if you really think about, many to most customization can be considered ludicrous.
    Why not put sights more suited to the usage or eyesight of the individual using it?
    Why not improve the feel in the hand when appropriate?
    Why not practice engraving skills on a less than an often way overpriced firearm?
    Firearms are for basically two things, very serious business, or personal enjoyment.
    Sounds like the author has forgotten this fact!!

  4. Well… you certainly wouldn’t want to “pimp” an expensive gun! These remind me of the $500 cars with $2,000 stereo systems. In fact they’re probably made by the same types of folks.

  5. The pair Bersa’s don’t belong in this list. Yeah they’re inexpensive but I’ve had a BERSA THUNDER .380 for 20 years and it’s never jammed and is surprisingly accurate. I keep it loaded with GLASER SAFETY SLUGS. The BERSA is a BIG bang for the buck.

  6. The Thunder 5 was made by MIL Inc. and actually predates the Taurus Judge. Also, most of the High Points are less than $50 in duracoat and hydro dip, people use those for demo gun all the time, no one wants to duracoat a Glock just to set it in a store for people to fondle for years with no use.

    1. Nearly all the pictured Hi Points are owned by the users, not sitting in display cases.

      Saw the $100 bill C9 on gunbroker also. But I agree, a hydro-dipped Glock is a large

      outlay for a display gun.

      I own both Glocks and HPs, and many others.

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