You can’t make this stuff up folks; just days before the wild turkey season opener in California, a couple of jakes were spotted strutting (or protesting) in front of a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Fairfield, CA.

We’ve seen these birds do some weird stuff, but have you ever seen turkeys applying for a job as a couple of live decoys before?

These jakes are actually quite wise to vacate the woods at this time of year. Perhaps they figured out we can’t set up our ground blinds in the middle of a Sportsman’s Warehouse parking lot.

Are these jakes just thinking defensively, and trying to get on our good side by offering themselves up as live decoys? No, the much more likely reason for what you see in this video is that during spring breeding season, jakes and toms strut their stuff, and sometimes fight, to help determine dominance. These two birds are seeing their reflections in the store window, and due to their tiny bird brains, they think they’re seeing more birds.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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One thought on “Video: Two Turkeys Spotted Applying for Job as Live Decoys Outside Sporting Goods Store

  1. This is quite common. They are reacting to their reflection in the windows. We have them strutting, pecking at, gobbling at and even chest butting their reflection in our ground level windows all the time.

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