Video: Car is Passed on the Highway by a Guy Driving a Speed Boat?


Picture this all you bass anglers out there: It’s a calm, crisp spring morning. The sun is just starting to peek over the horizon, and all the birds are singing to start the beautiful day. Suddenly it dawns on you . . . you were supposed to be on the lake an hour ago!

Anybody ever been there before? It’s a gut-wrenching feeling that, as a fisherman, I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

Well, this guy came up with a way to avoid that whole mess, and shave off a good 15 – 20 minutes of launching his boat. He drives his boat to the lake!

I can almost see all your heads tilt to the side and say “what did I just read?” Just bare with me, because the guy in this video had sort of the same reaction when he was passed on the highway by a guy driving a . . . well, you’ll see:

You laugh now, but when you hear that the fish are biting, and all you want to do is get out on the lake. Tell me you wouldn’t cruise around in one of these hogs.

Imagine driving straight from work onto the lake without any stops or hassle of towing and launching a boat . . . mind blowing!

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