Late-ice is a fantastic time to catch all types of fish, including rainbow trout.

As the video below shows, a family in Idaho walked on 6 inches of clear ice and then hooked onto a monster rainbow trout. Initially, the toddler attempts to fight the hard-fighting fish, but then her dad takes over.

It’s clear that the dad is an experienced angler. His ability to “pump and wind” with the tiny pink-colored ice fishing combo is impressive!

The clear ice makes this video even more captivating because you can see how difficult it is to coax the massive fish into the hole. Finally, after a few attempts, the dad wins the battle and slides the rainbow onto the surface of the ice.

According to KBOI News, the fish was 31.5 inches long, had a 19.75-inch girth and weighed 14.2 pounds.

Congrats on a tremendous catch!

P.S. A note about ice thickness and safety: It’s always a good idea to wear a life jacket (PFD) or flotation jacket/suit when walking on water, especially during late-ice.


Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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