There are many reasons to love wild turkeys, and for me, one of biggest is they’re survivors. Quite often during the harshest winter weather here in the Upper Midwest, those blustery, insanely cold days with wind-chills of minus 30, 40 or worse, I look out the window and wonder how a wild turkey can possibly survive in such brutal conditions – not to mention roosting in a tree at night!

As my 2017 turkey season gets rolling, I’m reminded of a mature tom I arrowed in Minnesota last year. This big bird responded to my gobble calls, then challenged my DSD jake decoy before I ended his career with a well-placed head/neck shot from an arrow tipped with a Magnus Bullhead.

At the time I lured him into shooting range, I had no idea that he’d been shot previously by a gun hunter. He looked 100 percent healthy. But check out what I discovered an hour later when I began butchering the big tom.

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