The word on the street is President Trump invited Sarah Palin to dinner at the White House and told her to bring some friends along as well.

Her friends consisted of two of perhaps the most famous conservative entertainers – maybe you’ve heard their names before – Michigan rockers Bob “Kid Rock” Richie and “Uncle” Ted Nugent.

Palin, Nugent and Kid Rock all profoundly supported Donald Trump during his – some would call it – “underdog” presidential candidacy. We’ve even heard rumors about Rock and Nugent running for Michigan office at some point, so perhaps the subject came up?

“A great night at the White House. Thank you President Trump for the invite!” Palin wrote on Twitter:

She also shared this post linking to “behind the scenes” photos from the evening:

Ted Nugent wrote a very “Ted Nugent” post on Facebook also thanking President Trump for the invite:

Nugent, who we all know is a big time hunter, also talked about the night in a blog post for Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine.

“We discussed various quality of life issues and how entrenched status quo political correctness has wrecked everything it has touched and how his administration is focused and dedicated to get back to the US Constitutional basics of government of, by and for the people.

“President Trump told me to not only give you his very best and a big presidential thank you for the phenomenal wildlife conservation force we have succeeded at, but also gave me his word that he is aware of the ongoing mistakes in wildlife mismanagement and his commitment to right the flurry of wrongs that get in the way of meaningful ‘wise-use’ of our precious renewable wildlife resources.”

Kid Rock has yet to release any photos or comments about the night, but this picture pretty much sums it up:

Image courtesy Twitter

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