Following a dinner at the White House, CNN political commentator Paul Begala gave Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and President Donald Trump a new nickname – a “white trash Mt. Rushmore.”

Almost immediately after photos of the evening began to surface, the comments started to fly. People began critiquing the pictures like trail cam photos on the eve of opening day.


Ted Nugent had a response for Paul’s “white trash Mt Rushmore” comparison, and you can hear it in the Fox Business video below:

Image courtesy Twitter

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8 thoughts on “Video: Ted Nugent Responds to “White Trash Mt. Rushmore” Comparison Following White House Dinner

  1. I may be young at 32 but also former military and not your average brain dead zombie, with that being said I haven’t been this proud of my president in the longest time. It’s nice to not be embarrassed by our leader. I think good things are in store for country with thin at the helm. Also I am completely non political just a struggling guy who’s tired of seeing so much wrong in this world.

    1. Really? I guess you are young. Both ted and mr. orange are draft doggers and proud that they didn’t have to serve like so many of us did. Read some history son.

      1. Draft doggers? The President had a med deferment, lib….big difference….perhaps your would like to tell us YOUR service? Spell-check is your friend…use it, lib.

      2. Trump had a medical deferment from his family doctor for “bone spurs” AFTER he played scholastic sports. Rich kids using family doctors to get medical deferments is the definition of draft dodging. So for all their tough talk Trump & Nugent are not true patriots.

    2. You’re living in a fantasy land bubble if you seriously aren’t ashamed of this president.
      I cringe anew every time he tweets….

  2. I am proud to be an American, not a hyphenated one! What’s wrong with all the hyphenated ones are skewed visions with which they view the world from their foreign experience, but expect American entitlements. Why should you get welfare, or a college education? You don’t want to be an American, and don’t even understand American values. Our President Trump is a self-made man (American value), and all his visitors are similarly self-made! I admire Ted’s hunting since I am an aspiring feral pig hunter, which again is an American value of self-sufficiency. All you critics are not self-made, or red-diaper-doper-babies!

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