It wasn’t long ago we showed you an insane video of a turkey hunter getting shot by another hunter who was hunting the same woods, and if that didn’t get your blood boiling, this sure will.

Paul Whitwell and his 14-year-old son were sitting in a blind hunting turkeys when they suddenly started to see some action. Unfortunately, this isn’t a happy story about a youngster shooting his first bird. Instead, this is about a poacher (road hunter) who saw the same birds and then shot from his car while driving down the road.

In the video, you can hear the pellets hit Paul’s blind while he and his son are sitting in it! Thankfully, they are both okay, but this is way too close for comfort:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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6 thoughts on “Terrifying Video: Turkey Hunter and 14-Year-Old Son Get Shot At by ‘Road Hunters’

  1. That guy in the car was lucky it wasn’t me he shot at! As far as I’m concerned, I would have shot back to kill! That’s a time for self defense!

    1. I’d look at the laws before you do that. And I’m not trying to be an ass. I personally don’t like people being thrown in prison if they don’t have to be.

  2. Funny the pellets are heard hitting so long after the sound of the gun. Thought the shot traveled faster than sound at those short distances. Just saying….

    1. Shotgun shot is barely supersonic to start with, and it VERY quickly slows down. Besides, what he’s being hit with is most likely ricochets since they were shooting downward.

  3. First of all, simple answer: speed of light vs speed of sound, no contest. I hope they find the dangerous and reckless criminal that shot from the road. Hey ass hole, I hope they find your sorry ASS.

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