Angler Makes Rare Catch on Detroit River


Atlantic salmon aren’t typically seen in the Detroit River. A better place to target these fish is 350 miles north in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the St. Mary’s River.

Don’t tell that to Brad Smyth though, because he made a rare catch last week reeling in an Atlantic salmon while fishing the Detroit River. The St. Mary’s River is the main Atlantic salmon fishery in the state, and it’s likely the fish Brad caught swam at least 85 miles before being caught, The Detroit Free Press reports.

“It’s my first Atlantic salmon ever,” Smyth said. “I couldn’t believe it was actually right here on the Detroit River.”

He hooked the fish about a mile away from the Ambassador Bridge, while working a jig with a 1 ½-ounce Jonah D.O.A. jig originally fishing for walleye.

“It was immediately obvious that it wasn’t a walleye,” Smyth said. “It started thrashing, and I thought it was a snagged carp. All of a sudden it came to the surface. I actually netted the fish before I caught up slack in my line.”

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