Video: Gordon Ramsay Shows How To Fillet A Fish The Right Way


Some say filleting a fish is an art, and if that’s the case, chef Gordon Ramsay would be considered with the likes of Van Gogh or Picasso for his work with a blade.

In this video, we get a great demonstration from master chef Gordon Ramsay on how to break down and fillet an Alaskan king salmon.

Pay attention, because this is greatness at work here folks:

Did you write all that down?

There’s a lot of information there, but in reality, the best way to learn is to just roll up your sleeves, dive in and do it yourself. Don’t be overwhelmed, it’s just like anything else – you have to learn from mistakes.

The first time you fillet a fish, chances are it won’t come out looking like the salmon Gordon Ramsay just artfully filleted in the video, but that just means you have to go out and catch more!

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