Video: Bass Gulps Down a Duckling Faster than You Can Say ‘Crankbait’


Don’t blink, because this bass strike happens fast!

Summer is a great time to tie on new lures and give them a shot. Recall a previous OutdoorHub article where we talked about the Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck lure and then feast your eyes on this video:

We know the apprehension felt whenever tying on a new and unfamiliar lure, but this video should ease your mind. Let your apprehension melt away and add a duck lure to your tackle this summer . . . the bass will both praise and curse you, but you will attract big fish.

With a duck lure on the end of your line, get your cameras ready for incredible head-thrashing, violent strikes. The lure can be fished both fast and slow; with a steady retrieve it mimics a duckling in the most realistic way. It’s a superb topwater lure for pike, bass, musky and big brutal catfish!

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