Know that sinking feeling you get when you feel a bump on your line and it turns out you hooked into a sunken log? Well, in Florida you better be careful jumping to conclusions, because that “log” could be a giant alligator lounging at the bottom of the lake.

That’s the story Matt Fishero will be telling all his buddies after he hooked up with a huge gator – on a fly rod no less – and it started peeling line and making his drag scream.

We like the quote in the video, “I’d like to say I caught him, but I’m pretty sure I just reeled myself over to him.”

Check it out below:

In Capt. Matt’s words, he apparently had no clue the gator was even present in the water when he cast his fly toward a school of fish. Here’s his description of what happened:

“I pulled a strip set and was confident I just hooked into a sunken tree. Just as I finished that thought, the ‘sunken tree’ felt more like a submarine as he shot out of his hole, peeling line for nearly 100 yards. To say I was surprised is an understatement.”

“I put the pressure on him, but all I could do was reel the boat over to whatever just ran all my fly line out. As I got closer, we quickly realized what was on the other end, a massive alligator!!”


Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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