This story takes tough to a whole new level. It takes a special kind of man to withstand a grizzly attack and tell himself that he WILL survive, but to survive TWO separate attacks and live to tell the story is almost unfathomable.

You might recall seeing a Facebook video of a badly wounded and bloody Todd Orr after being viciously mauled by a sow grizzly bear, where he quickly described what happened to him, and in his words, “to show his buddies that he probably had a crazier weekend than they did.”

Now, after several months, Orr sat down with Jason Matzinger to talk about what happened that morning on the mountain, and his story will send a chill right down the center of your back.

To hear him recall the moments he found himself underneath the bear and how he just kept telling himself, “You can survive, just hang on, she will go away,” is just terrifying.

Here is his detailed account of what happened that day:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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