Over the past several years, Bill Lindner, Al Lindner, Bernie Barringer, Chip Borkenhagen and numerous other stalwarts in the muskie fishing community have been silently working behind the scenes on the most significant muskie book of our time.

Muskie!: North America’s Legendary Gamefish is a hefty, comprehensive and full-color, coffeetable book dedicated to the history, lore, technology and future of the sport of muskie fishing. Really, there’s never been anything produced quite like it, all told through the stories, wisdom and “blood, sweat and tears” of the game-changers who’ve been there.

Click here for a video describing the book project in detail.

Fishing industry pioneer and legendary Hall of Fame angler Al Lindner is one fisherman who’s very excited about the book.

“I’ve seen what the boys have been up to with this project, and it’s packed with some of the greatest fishing stories every told — in words and photos,” Al said. “Muskie fishing, more than anything else in freshwater, is the stuff of legend. It’s about time more of these legends were told and preserved for posterity.”

But here’s the deal: The production team has less than 40 days to raise the $50,000 required to complete this magnum opus of muskie books. As you can imagine, the cost to develop, print and ship a coffeetable book of this quality isn’t cheap.

And that’s where YOU come in — visit the Kickstarter page and consider making a contribution today. So, what’s in it for you?

Not only will you play an important role in getting this book printed and onto bookshelves, but Kickstarter backers will receive “hot off the press” first editions ($60). And depending on your pledge, there are other incentives, including your name in the book as a supporting partner; an Al Lindner autographed book; unique, framed muskie art and photography; a St. Croix Legend Tournament Musky rod; one-of-a-kind colored Musky Mayhem Jr. Double Cowgirl; a guided muskie trip, and more!

Bill Lindner working in his office.

We editors at OutdoorHub are excited to see the finished product. No one on planet takes better fishing imagery than Bill Lindner. Period.

Of course, this book would make a perfect gift for the angler who has muskie fever. And, after checking out the Kickstarter page, we think the pledge that makes the most sense to us — and no doubt would be the most fun — is the $450 pledge that entitles you (or someone on your gift list) to a 1-day guided muskie trip in the Upper Midwest. Plus, you get the book with your name listed in the back. Cool!

About the Team

Bill Lindner (below) couldn’t help but spend his formative years in fishing boats across the country. His dad and uncle were the founders and publishers of In-Fisherman magazine and all of its spin-off products and marketing. Early on, Bill discovered his passion for documenting all things sport fishing. He became known nationally and internationally as the “go-to guy” for amazing fish and fishing photography and video production. His photos have been featured in almost all fishing magazines. His video work is considered some of the best portrayal of this exciting and growing sport. Bill has been inducted into the National Fishing Hall of Fame for his superb pictorial work.

Chip Borkenhagen has been a visual artist and graphic designer for over 45 years. He has worked for a number of metropolitan ad agencies, began, nurtured and sold his own award-winning studios and agencies, and published the Lake Country Journal magazine. His new publishing company, Riverplace Press, has already worked with authors in publishing over 30 new titles.

Bernie Barringer has been an award-winning outdoor sports writer for over 30 years. He has authored over 1,000 feature articles and numerous columns in 30 national magazines and websites, including many on OutdoorHub.com. He is the author of 13 outdoor books. Bernie began the Fishing Atlas Company back in 1993, one of the first of its kind. He started the Iowa Walleye Tournament, which later grew into the Grand National Walleye Cup. Along the way, Bernie has worked closely with some of the largest hunting and fishing companies in North America.

The three of these individuals, as well as Al Lindner — world-famous freshwater fisherman, publisher and TV personality who is writing the book’s introduction — have aligned to create the perfect storm of producing what is certain to be an award-winning, stunningly beautiful, and up-to-the-minute info-packed coffeetable book on this amazing fish.

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