Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World, which recently purchased bankrupt Gander Mountain, has seen and heard all the violence and hatred he can tolerate in our country, and he has a strong message for those who have turned a blind eye to the violent explosion that occurred in Charlottesville, Virgina.

Among the violent rally in Charlottesville that continues to cast a dark shadow on our nation, Marcus Lemonis had a suggestion for those who are okay with how things are going down in the U.S., and his comments seemed to get twisted in a way he did not intend . . .

CNBC reports that following Trump’s remarks during a news conference where he seemed to hold both sides accountable for their actions, this is what Lemonis had to say:

“There’s no doubt that there is probably not many consumers in this country today that are in favor of what has been said in the last couple days and if they are, quite frankly, don’t shop at my business.”

Marcus faced a great deal of backlash for these comments, mostly from people upset because he seemingly singled out Trump supporters.

However, Mr. Lemonis jumped on Facebook Live about a week later to try and clear up his comments. Here is that video (be sure to turn up the volume):

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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