Video: Apocalyptic Scene as 10-Point Buck Swims Down Streets of Texas


By now, you’ve probably heard and seen images online of the devastation caused by hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, so here’s an update on how the wildlife is holding up in the area.

A video out of Friendswood, Texas shows a nice looking 10-point buck crossing a road, except it’s forced to swim across because the water level has reportedly reached nearly 4 feet in some areas.

At first, as the buck walks along the flooded road, the water level doesn’t appear all that daunting. But, once the deer swims out to the middle of the street, the scene almost takes your breathe away, as water as far as you can see almost entirely submerges the entire town.

Here’s the video:

(Don’t forget to turn up the volume to get the full viewing experience)

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