Video: Eric Chesser Goes Early Season Whitetail Hunting in Kentucky


With the whitetail deer season approaching closer and closer, it’s only fitting that we see Eric Chesser head to Kentucky for an early season whitetail hunt.

On this hunt, Eric is staying at Whitetail Heaven Outfitters, which he admits is a little different than hiking into the backcountry and roughing it in tents like he’s used to, but based on the food and the sheds they found on the property, we have great confidence he’ll get the hang of this type of deer camp.

The video starts off with Eric arriving at the lodge and meeting up with a couple buddies, Eric and Ben from Stealth Cam. We get a quick tour of the lodge and then get some face time with some of the bucks that grace the walls at WHO.

Oh, did we mention food?

Deer camp just isn’t complete without the grub, and there’s no way the Hush crew is going hungry on this hunting trip. Look for Hannah McCauley, head chef at Whitetail Heaven Outfitters, doing her thing in the kitchen and cranking out delicious food for all the hunters.

This is only video 1 of the hunt, so make sure to stay tuned to see what walks by Eric in the Kentucky whitetail woods:

If you stayed until the end of the video, you got a pretty good glimpse of what deer camp looks like. It’s nothing but great comradery and spending time with friends, and that’s really what deer camp is all about.

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