Hunting Season is Back and Arby’s is Testing Elk Sandwiches in Select Locations


In other good news that’s sure to spruce up any deer camp, Arby’s has announced it will continue the success it had with venison sandwiches last year, and they’re even taking it up a notch this hunting season.

According to USA Today, venison sandwiches will be back on the menu in all 3,300 restaurants in the U.S. starting Saturday, October 21. That’s not all, either . . .

If you live in Colorado, Wyoming or Montana, you get a special wild game surprise!

This hunting season, Arby’s is rolling out a special limited-edition Elk Sandwich that will only be available in the three states mentioned above.

If you remember from last year, Arby’s venison sandwiches sold out in minutes, and will likely sell out again quickly this year, Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taylor says.

“If people are interested in trying the sandwich, the only way to guarantee they can get one is to get there when we open or a little before and make sure they are in line, just like folks last year,” Taylor said.

Just like last year, the restaurant chain uses a New Zealand supplier that sells grass-fed free-range venison. Jim says it took a little over a year to set up an arrangement with suppliers in order to secure enough product for what he calls “the biggest venison promotion in the world and restaurant has ever done.”

“We took a look at what hunters and wild game enthusiasts love to talk about eating, and elk was something that kept popping up, and we said, ‘this is another great tasting game meat we think our guests would enjoy,'” he continued.

Taylor sure hit the nail on the head with his remarks, because elk meat might very well just be the best-tasting meat on the planet, and it’s about time someone said it!

For those lucky enough to feast their lips on an elk sandwich, they will be available at the following restaurants:

200 East 144th Ave., Thornton, Colorado 80023
2607 CY Ave., Casper, Wyoming 82604
2834 King Ave. W, Billings, Montana 59102

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