Behind-the-Scenes Fishing Video: Can You Guess What’s Going on Here?


Don’t tell anyone, but Star Wars wasn’t filmed in space. And those great fishing commercials you see on TV or online? Chances are good that they aren’t what they seem, either.

For proof, check out this behind-the-scenes video of OutdoorHub contributor Edwin Evers on a TV commercial shoot for Wiley X sunglasses.

You no doubt recognize Edwin, and it’s clear who is running the camera, but what is the other guy doing? He’s carrying what’s called a reflector or bounce card, and it bounces light onto Edwin so everything is lit properly (i.e. no dark shadows on Edwin’s face from the bill of his cap, etc.).

Edwin does a great job pitching a jig into the perfect spot, and someone must grab the jig to provide tension on the line for Edwin to set the hook.

We’ll be sure to bring you the finished commercial as soon as it’s released. (Be sure to turn up the volume on the video to hear the commentary.)

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