Video: World’s Longest, Accurate Crossbow Shot


As described on their YouTube channel, the Gould Brothers are “just two brothers living the dream, capturing all sorts of wild trick shots on video, and performing live exhibition shooting shows all across the country.”

Steve (left) and Aaron Gould putting on a show.

I had the chance to meet and hunt with Steve Gould this fall on a duck/goose/sandhill crane trip to northern Minnesota, and during a lunch break one afternoon, he performed a half-hour shooting exhibition at a local gun range. Needless to say, Steve has serious shooting skills. And while watching him turn clay targets into dust during his demonstration was impressive, it was even more fun (and educational) to watch him dump ducks and geese from our shared waterfowl blind. Let’s just say he cleaned up after my misses.

Something I didn’t know about Steve is he’s pretty deadly with a crossbow, too. Check out the video below from this past June. Using the new Ravin R15 crossbow, he backs off to 680 yards and attempts to hit — freehand no less — a 2-foot-diameter balloon.

Can Steve do it? And if so, how long will it take the bolt to travel that far in the air? Check out the video below to see for yourself. (Spoiler alert: A GoPro proves that the bolt comes down almost vertically; very cool!)

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