Video: Brawling Bucks Almost Run Over Pro Golfer Jimmy Walker in a Ground Blind


Pro golfer Jimmy Walker is always getting good stuff on camera. His Instagram is loaded with amazing photos of everything from mouth-watering Texas BBQ, to galaxies sitting millions of miles away. Occasionally there’s a video showcasing his polished golf swing thrown in the mix too.

But what got our attention was the video Mr. Walker posted this morning. And when we say “got out attention,” we mean it got our hearts racing like the Indy 500!

“They’re going to push each other right into us,” Walker can be heard whispering, as he and a friend watch from a ground blind as these two bucks slam antlers together.

We appreciate a good buck fight from time to time, so naturally we were a little jealous that Jimmy had ring-side seats to this brawl:


That was close!!!!!! Could have touched these boys!!!!! @cwarreniii for the photo cred.

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