Boomer Sooner! 45-Point Boone and Crockett Buck Found Hung Up in a Fence in Oklahoma


If someone were to ask where they should go to hunt big bucks, the Sooner State is making a convincing case to be your ultimate destination. It must be something in the water!

In terms of whitetail paradise, deer hunters across the nation could argue for hours (make that days) about the best state to set up a deer stand, but it’s awfully hard to argue with a place where two record-setting bucks dropped in one season.

The only catch behind this deer tale, however, is that according to Game and Fish Mag, the deer was found expired in a barbed-wire fence, as opposed to being tagged by a hunter.

Nevertheless, a provision in the Boone and Crockett Club record book allows for “pick-up” entries. (The current B&C world record 333 7/8-inch non-typical Missouri Monarch buck is a pick-up entry found dead back in 1981.)

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, (ODWC) posted photos of the wrack on Facebook. Here’s what they said:

#RecordBuck #TrueSportsman #HughesFletcherBuck
Oklahoma is home to some of the best whitetail hunting in the country and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is charged with the task of managing the diverse deer population. For the skeptics who do not believe Oklahoma can produce record sized bucks than this is for you. 
Two true sportsmen found this magnificent non-typical buck dead, hung in the fence near their hunting property in southeast Oklahoma. Nicknamed the “Hughes-Fletcher Buck” after the finders Josh Hughes and Drake Fletcher who brought it to be given to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation this week. This unique specimen of a whitetail carries an impressive 47 points, with a spread of over 20″, and a green gross score of 269 3/8 inches. The current Oklahoma State Record Non-Typical Whitetail has a score of 248″ inches. The buck will be officially scored after the standard dring period to determine its final score. The buck was aged at approximately 6 1/2 years of age. In the proceeding months, the buck will eventually be mounted and on display around the state for all Oklahomans to enjoy.”

Below, is a photo of the scoring sheet for this deer’s impressive 45-point rack:

And here are more photos of the rack, along with the two gentlemen who found the deer hung up in a fence:

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