Northern Michigan Live Eagle Cam Receives Upgrades Ahead of Approaching Nesting Season


The popular Live Northern Michigan Eagle Cam that streams 24/7 on CarbonTV, received some recent repairs and upgrades just in time for nesting season.

The nest and the camera – the same one that once caught a glimpse of a “bigfoot-like” figure walking through the woods – are mounted nearly 100 feet up in an eastern white pine tree at the Platte River Fish Hatchery.

According to UpNorthLive, it took crew workers nearly 5 hours to make the important maintenance upgrades, but it’s back online and is ready to capture more incredible bald eagle footage.

Arborist Bo Burke commented on CarbonTV’s Facebook post with some additional information, here’s what he said:

“Jake and I climbed back up the giant pine yesterday to un mount the camera and lower it down to ground control. The tree looked pretty good still, glad we were able to get there after the second year to do this though. We were waiting up in the pine for roughly an hour for the repairs. The view was great, we saw one of the eagles flying around too! It started to get chilly as we hoisted it back up, the reinstall went according to plan. We adjusted the lense a little, so there wont be that triangle in the corner anymore, we think its better this way. We secured the new bigger, more protected cable down the trunk in a few spots. Everything we did was tree friendly, as we are arborists and love trees. If you would like to see photos were both on Facebook, we took lots of pics and videos, and channel 7&4 UpNorth Live were there! Please enjoy. Thank you Carbon TV and all the others that participated with this project. We live doing stuff like this ;]”

The live streaming web cam is a partnership between the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Carbon Media Group.

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