Video: This Techno Hunt Video Game Truly is ‘The Greatest Thing of All Time’


So, Joe Rogan just made a new addition to his studio, and it truly does look like the greatest thing of all time. It’s called Techno Hunt, and it’s a video game that allows players to use their real, personal bow and arrows to practice bow hunting . . .

Judging by the look of Rogan’s face after a couple shots, this definitely looks like something we need here at the OHUB office:


I got a Techno Hunt video archery game for the studio. Im already obsessed with it.

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Evidently, the game suggests you limit the draw weight of your bow to 70 pounds so you don’t damage the screen.

In a second post on Joe’s Instagram, he says there’s hundreds of different hunt scenes to choose from, and they’re all incredibly realistic. 

“For those wondering how it works, there’s sensors around this incredibly durable screen and the tips of the arrows are flat like the head of a nail so it bounces off the screen,” Joe describes in the video description:

I guess we know what Joe will be doing ALL off-season . . . 

And with this awesome game being right in his studio, it’s only a matter of time before Cam Hanes shows up again for another podcast!

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