Video: When Fishing is Life, You Have to Keep Your ‘Hookset Muscles’ Ready to Go


Living in the Great Lakes area around this time of year can really be a test of patience. Most, if not all, water is frozen solid, and cabin fever is at an all-time high. Sure, ice fishing is readily available for some, but that can quench one’s thirst for rippin’ lips for only so long . . . 

If you’re an angler suffering from mid-winter “hookset withdrawal,” you can probably relate to this hilarious video below: 

Are your “hookset muscles” primed and ready to go for this fishing season? If not, you better get in the gym and bang out a few sets of these. 

Just kidding . . . please don’t actually show up to the gym with this exercise in mind! You’ll definitely turn some heads, and it won’t actually help you catch more fish. 

I wish it weren’t true, but it probably wouldn’t shock me to see this at the gym in real life.

Hang in there fellow anglers! The weather is bound to turn at any point, and it won’t be long before we’re back out there. Until then, just read up on OutdoorHub articles if you truly want to catch more fish!

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