Huge Fish Alert: Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg Walleyes Are on Fire!


Back in December, we published an article titled “4 Top Spots for Manitoba’s Giant Winter Walleyes, Pike and Lakers.” One of the four destinations recommended was Blackwater Cats — Ice Eyes Guide Service, which is operated by full-time guide Donovan Pearase on legendary Lake Winnipeg.

Through the wonders of social media, we’ve been keeping tabs on Donovan and his team of top-notch walleye guides, and this winter the fishing for trophy walleyes has been nothing short of miraculous. Need proof?

Check out the Facebook post below. Read the intro (be sure to click the “see more” tab), then scroll through the 40-plus photos. The walleye (called “greenbacks” on Lake Winnipeg) at the top of this page measured 32.5 inches in length, and weighed 14 pounds. Crazy!

And keep this in mind: These photos are not a compilation of pics from several years, and hundreds of guide trips. These greenbacks were all taken by Donovan and his half-dozen guides and their clients in the last few days!

If you dream of catching a trophy walleye, then you owe it to yourself to visit Lake Winnipeg. And it’s not too late for this winter; according to Donovan, they still have tons of ice and weeks of excellent fishing remaining. Good luck!

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