Spring is just barely getting started, but these ladies have already tagged out on some awesome turkeys this season.

If you’re a bowhunter, spring has to rank high on your list of favorite seasons. We can finally break out the bows once again, use those archery muscles we’ve been neglecting all winter, and most importantly, find ourselves back in the woods!

Maybe you’ve only just begun scouting where those “thunder chickens” are hanging out this time of year, but in the mean time, these lady hunters have been taking care of business! 

Make sure you go over and hit the follow button on these lady’s Instagram accounts. Turkey season isn’t the only time you’ll see them in the woods, and they’re always posting great hunting photos and having a ton of fun outdoors!

Cara Harper (@_caraharper)

Krysten McDaniel (@krystenmcdaniel)


Tagged out in Nebraska!!🏹🦃

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Kendall Jones (@_kendalljones_)

Hannah Barron (@hannahbarron96)

Hannah has already doubled up this season! Here’s her second bird from 2018:

Nikki Boxler (@Nikkiboxler)


Kicking off the season with my first Osceola! 📷: @brett_cannon

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