You want to know just how ruthless PETA is? Just look at what they said after PGA Tour golfer Kelly Kraft hit a bird on Friday at the RBC Heritage tournament in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

On Friday, Kelly Kraft was approaching the par-3 14th hole in good position to make a potential charge up the leader board over the weekend. He teed his ball up, played a well struck 7-iron into a helping wind, and that’s when Mother Nature turned the tables on him.

As Kraft’s tee-shot soared through the air, a big black bird swooped in front of the ball’s flight path and the ball ended up 20 yards short of the green in the water, resulting in a double-bogey and a missed cut by just one stroke. . .

“It cost me the cut, most likely,” Kraft told Golf Digest. “There was a helping wind, and I hit a 7-iron, caught it perfect. It was probably 30 yards off the tee box and this giant, black bird swooped in front of it and hit it and the ball fell 20 yards short in the water. It would’ve been in the middle of the green. It might have been close. I got screwed.”

Perhaps it was a case of just a little more bad luck lurking around the course that day:

Whatever it was, PETA was not about to miss an opportunity to “zing” the golfer.

According to USA Today, this was PETA senior vice president Lisa Lange’s response when asked about the incident:

PETA is glad the bird is OK and sorry Kelly Kraft didn’t advance, but that’s not the bird’s fault. Of course, he would have advanced if he’d played better on other holes – so practice, practice, practice.

BURN. That was brutal PETA, just brutal.

Kraft ended his Friday round shooting a score of 72.

There is no video of Kraft’s tee shot striking the bird, but remember when this dude miraculously drilled a duck with his tee shot?:

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