Spring turkey season is upon us. Now, I’m sure most you have your own trusty shotgun that you load up, and fill a tag with every season, but these aren’t your average, every day, go out and drop in the mud scatter guns. These are our favorite top dollar shotguns for blasting gobblers:

Benelli Performance Shop Turkey Edition

Top Dollar Turkey Shotguns
Benelli USA

With Performance Shop enhancements from world renowned shot pattern developer, Rob Roberts, the Benelli Performance Shop Turkey Edition shotguns become the ultimate turkey destroyer.

Each gun comes equipped with a Burris® FastFireII™ sight, witch is then pattern tested with Federal Premium Ammunition.

Hunters have the choice between the SBE II model for 12-Ga. 3½” mag loads, or the M2 model for a 20-Ga. option – It’s also worth noting the 12 gauge model includes a SteadyGrip™ buttstock as well. 

MSRP (20-Ga.): $2,599

MSRP (12-Ga.): $3,399

Winchester SX3 NWTF Cantilever Turkey 

Top Dollar Turkey Shotguns

Built to hunt is an understatement. For the turkey hunter looking for the most durable and reliable shotgun on the market, the SX3 NWTF Cantilever Turkey shotgun will never let you down. This 12-Ga. 3½” semi-automatic shotgun allows the option to mount a red dot, holographic, reflex, or even low power telescopic sight.

Additionally, Winchester built this firearm using their unique self-adjusting valve system, meaning the gun is capable of shooting everything from 2¾” to 3½” shells quite seamlessly.   

MSRP: $1,199.99

Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey O/U Shotgun

Top Dollar Turkey Shotguns

Those with experience hunting gobblers know that it’s simply impossible to predict if they’ll come in near or far. And more often than not, we only have a very small window of opportunity to take that critical shot at a small target. This 12-Ga. 3 ½” over and under shotgun allows the hunter to switch from an extra full pattern to a spreader choke with a quick flick of a top-tang switch.

The versatility of these top dollar shotguns simply cannot be beat.

MSRP: $2,339.99

Here’s a quick video with more details:

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